Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comic - Light

Light is a comic done within a very short period of time(1 day). It was actually a re-submission of my Final Assignment for my Graphic Story-telling module. Nevertheless, it is the comic I like most. The color was added later during my free time.

Jpeg Version here:


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  2. Hi Harry,

    I am Jeremy from SINdie, a blog of local independent films ( . I have sent the same email to your brother's blog as well.

    Every year, we interview the SIFF short film finalists and get a peek of their production process. It appears on our blog under our production talk series. so i would like to feature your short film Contained. Would you ok with it? If so, here is what we need from you:

    1. A 1-2 paragraph description of your production (does not have to be a synopsis, keep us in suspense and glued!)
    2. 8-10 still, preferably behind-the-scenes photos (hope they don't mind this one, cos pics really make a difference :)
    3. Any links to blogs, websites etc. that you want us to add in the blog entry

    Hope to hear from you soon as we are getting very close to SIFF.

    My email address is and my contact number is 91870187.

    Kind regards

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