Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comic - My Drawings

My Drawings is actually an idea I had when I was a little boy. I always felt that by drawing, I can create anything I want. This could be the reason why I fell in love with drawing at a young age. But it is during my studies, I came to know how drawing can be a form of therapy, but at times, it can bring out a deeper side of you. A side that might not be known to ourself, our subconscious mind. It is through this comic, I had an opportunity to explore deeper into this idea, and express my view towards this idea. In this comic, the 'design' of the monster is my attempt to use a form of meditative drawing methodology that I read from the book: Spirit of Drawing: A Sensory Meditation Guide to Creative Expression by Connie Smith Siegel.

Jpeg Version Here:

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